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The FIAT G-91 was created as part of a tender for a light ground combat support aircraft as a standard NATO aircraft from 1954. It should have a speed of Mach 0.95 and a flight duration of 1 hour with a flight mass of 5.5 t, as well as 1000 m runway. The first flight was in 1956.

Kit :

The FIAT G-91 on a scale of 1:2.7 is based on the original with all panel joints and rivets. The kit is made of full GfK/CfK sandwich construction (Airex). (silver)

The Fiat G-91 kit is available in 2 versions. The Fiat G-91 PAN (aerobatic version) and the Fiat G-91 R (photo reconnaissance aircraft).

Fiat G-91 R


Features :
- Flattened nose ( photonose ) 
- Single machine gun ( left and right )
- Air intakes on the front lower side of the fuselage (left and right)
- 2 landing lights on the nose wheel flap and a beacon on the top of the fuselage
- Large auxiliary tanks

Fiat G-91 PAN

Fiat g 91 pan.jpg

Features :
- Pointed nose 
- Double machine gun ( left and right ) 
- 1 landing light on the nose wheel flap 
- Small auxiliary tanks 



- Span 3.2m  

- Length 3.9m

- 1:2.7 scale

- Take-off weight 45-50 kg  

- Full GRP in sandwich

- Drive from 40 kp  

- kit :

  • 3-part hull

  • Wings with all rudders and covers

  • Stabilizers with all rudders

  • Air duct and hood frame

  • all frames installed in the fuselage

  • Flat connector installed, including wing screw connection

  • Servo mounts installed in the wing

  • Landing gear mount installed in the wing

  • Servo mounts installed in the tail units

  • all rudders hitched

  • CNC milled parts for linkage of the rudders including ball heads M4, threaded rod, CFRP tube and small parts

The production of our Fiat G-91 starts in February. If you are interested, get in touch and we will put together an individual offer for you.
Delivery time on request.



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